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Gangs of Godavari Review

Gangs of Godavari Review

Gangs of Godavari: An incomplete flight

Vishwak Sen is known among his fans for his aggressive and powerful acting, and in his latest film 'Gangs of Godavari', he has maintained the same image once again. 

However, the story and screenplay of the film let him down. Let's see what are the strengths and weaknesses of this film.

Story overview:

The story of the film revolves around a local gangster named Ratna (Vishwak Sen), who is ready to go to any extent to fulfill his ambitions. Ratna tries to outwit the local politicians with his cunning and makes many enemies. He gets married to Bujji (Neha Shetty), but his past starts to haunt him. The main narrative of the film is how Ratna keeps his family safe and saves himself.

Performance and character:

Vishwak Sen has played his character well, especially in the first half. His Godavari dialect and his cunning style impressed me. However, his performance fades in the second half due to the weakness of the screenplay. Anjali did a good job in her role, but her character vanished after the arrival of Neha Shetty. Neha Shetty did a decent job as the lead heroine, but her dialogues were less. Goparaju Ramana, Nasser, Aadi, and Pemmi Sai also did a good job in supporting roles.

Technical Aspects:

The biggest weakness of the film is its screenplay and editing. The story initially raised expectations, but soon it became disappointing. The cinematography is decent, but the songs are not effective. The item song with Ayesha Khan also failed to bring much charm.


Expectations were high from 'Gangs of Godavari', especially due to Vishk Sen's strong presence and the vintage gangster drama setup. The first half of the film is somewhat entertaining, but the story falls apart in the second half. Sudden cuts and hastily shown scenes affect the continuity of the film. Many scenes pass without any impact, and the unevenness of the screenplay makes the film weak.

Overall, 'Gangs of Godavari makes an interesting start, but the lack of depth in the story and failure to create emotional drama results in the film being an average gangster drama. The film has some good fights and dialogues, but overall, the film fails to utilize its full potential.

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