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Sudheer Babu reveals the reasons behind the postponement of Harom Hara

Harom Hara

Today we are going to tell you a new interesting story, which is going to reach your hearts directly from the streets of Kuppam. This is the story of Sudheer Babu and his film 'Harom Hara', which is going to hit the theatres near you soon with an amazing cinematic experience.

Beginning of the story

The theatrical trailer of Sudheer Babu's much-awaited film 'Harom Hara' was released recently and it has left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. The story of the film is based on the backdrop of Kuppam, where Sudheer Babu will be seen in the role of a gunman. The director of the film, Gyan Sagar Dwaraka, has brought this story to the screen with great precision and skill.

Reasons for the delay in the release

Earlier 'Harom Hara' was planned to be released on May 31, but suddenly the release date of the film was pushed and now the film will be released on June 14. During the trailer launch event, Sudheer Babu revealed the reasons behind the postponement of the release. He said,

"There are many reasons for this. We wanted to provide the best experience to the audience by enhancing the quality. The DI work is currently going on in Kerala. The technicians who did the DI for the King of Kotha are working on the DI of Harom Hara. The people working on Thug Life are looking after the sound effects of Harom Hara."

Sudheer Babu further said,

"Exit polls will come on June 1 and the election results will be announced on June 4. After considering these aspects, we postponed the release date."

Other important aspects of the film

'Harom Hara' stars Malvika Sharma as the lead heroine and Chaitan Bharadwaj has directed the music. The story of the film and its characters have already garnered a huge buzz among the people. The audience is eagerly waiting to see the story of Sudheer Babu's gunman character, the role he plays and the struggles he goes through.

The interesting journey of a gunman

How this gunman, raised in the streets of Kuppam, struggles to save his family and his town is the main plot of the story. Sudheer Babu's strong performance and the strong story of the film will surely keep the audience hooked. The film has the right balance of action, emotion and drama, making it a complete entertainer.


'Harom Hara' is not just a film, but it is an experience that will take you on a gunman's journey through the streets of Kuppam. You too can be a part of this unique experience when the film releases on June 14. Sudheer Babu, Malavika Sharma and the entire team have made this film with all their heart, and now it is set to reach your hearts.

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