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Harom Hara Movie Review: Sudheer Babu's powerful action avatar

Harom Hara Movie Review
Harom Hara is a film that promises to give the audience a thrilling action experience. With Sudheer Babu's charismatic presence and powerful action sequences, the film is a typical masala entertainer, with a dash of action, drama, and a dash of romance.

The story of the film revolves around Thammi Reddy (Lucky Laxman), Basava Reddy (Ravi Kale), and Sharath (Arjun Gowda), who use illegal means to establish their dominance in the Kuppam area. Amidst their hooliganism, enters Subramaniam (Sudheer Babu), who is a normal lab assistant, but circumstances push him into the illegal business of gun manufacturing. Along with his associate Palani Swamy (Sunil), Subramaniam steps into this illegal business and gradually becomes an influential figure in the Kuppam scene.

Sudheer Babu has cemented his identity as an action hero. His powerful acting and strong body language emerge as the strength of the film. His unmatched energy and perfection in the action sequences keep the audience captivated. The cunningness and determination of his character is well portrayed by Sudheer.

Sunil, playing the role of a suspended police officer, gives equal support to Sudheer Babu. His strong screen presence and understanding of the nuances of the character are worth watching. Malvika Sharma has also played her character with ease, although her role is a bit limited.

Direction and writing of the film:
Gyan Sagar Dwarka has taken over the reins of direction in this film after 'Sehri' and has done it well. The direction of the film is very strong at places, especially in the action scenes. The geographical setting of the film and the detailing done on the gun business make it a bit different from other masala films. However, the lack of novelty in the story is clearly visible, and the story becomes a bit predictable in the second half.

The lack of unnecessary songs in the film is a big positive aspect. This move does not disrupt the flow of the story anywhere, which is sometimes seen in mainstream films.

Technical aspects:
The cinematography and production design of the film is superb. Arvind Vishwanathan's camera work and Chaitan Bharadwaj's background score are the major strengths of the film. Chaitan's music elevates many scenes and gives the film a new thrill.

Harom Hara is a well-made film that will appeal to action and drama lovers. Sudheer Babu's strong performance, strong action and well-filmed mass scenes make the film interesting. Though the film lacks novelty and the second half is a bit slow, action movie lovers will definitely like it. If you want a tadka of action and drama, then Harom Hara is a must-watch.
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