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Janhvi Kapoor gets scared after seeing NTR dance

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The pairing of Telugu cinema superstar NTR and Bollywood debutante Janhvi Kapoor has created a buzz on the sets of Devraa. Devraa, which has been in the making for a long time, has now become a much-awaited film. The film will see NTR and Janhvi Kapoor in a romantic-action thriller, which also includes a stylish song between the two. The song was shot during NTR's foreign trip, where Janhvi was seen impressed by NTR's amazing dancing skills.

A funny and shocking incident happened during the shooting of the song. NTR's dancing skills left Janhvi Kapoor stunned. It would not be an exaggeration to say that NTR has mastered the art of dance. According to a source close to the unit, NTR could perform the dance steps correctly in just one take. Janhvi, who is herself a trained dancer, was stunned by NTR's ability.

Janhvi had made special preparations for this song. She always came to the set fully prepared so that she would not miss any steps and this would not hamper the shooting process. She said that dancing with NTR was a challenging experience for her. Although Janhvi worked hard for her role, NTR's natural talent and his ability to perform the dance steps correctly in one take created a different atmosphere on the set.

Devara is directed by Koratala Siva, who has given a unique touch to this film. The music of the film has been given by Anirudh, which has already become popular among the audience. This song of NTR and Janhvi is expected to be a hit, especially among music lovers, as it will see a unique combination of NTR's dynamism and Janhvi's practice.

On one hand, NTR's dancing skills impressed everyone, on the other hand, his humility and professionalism were also a topic of discussion. NTR not only focused on his performance but also helped his co-stars. Janhvi herself said that NTR's support and his inspiring presence made her work easier on the set. It was a learning experience for her, which she has decided to adopt in future projects as well.

NTR and Janhvi Kapoor's pairing in Devraa has increased the curiosity of the audience towards the film. The chemistry between the two and the dance performance has added a new charm to the film. The audience is eager to watch this film, especially to see NTR's dance moves and his rapport with Janhvi.

The music of this film and its exciting plot is enough to make it a hit among the audience of Telugu cinema. The audience is eagerly waiting for this wonderful collaboration of NTR and Janhvi Kapoor. This song of Devraa will definitely make a place in the hearts of the fans and will prove to be a memorable moment in the history of Telugu cinema.
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