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The Peace of a Sci-Fi Set: Kamal Haasan's Unique Experience on 'Kalki 2898 A.D.'

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The sets of big-budget films are usually noisy and chaotic. The sound of cameras, the rush of the crew, and the thousands of technical aspects – all add up to a chaotic atmosphere on the set. But for Kamal Haasan, the set of 'Kalki 2898 A.D.' was the exact opposite of this notion. While shooting for this mythological sci-fi film, he experienced something that became one of the most special memories of his career – the peace of the set.

Kamal Haasan, one of the most iconic actors of Indian cinema, describes his time spent on the sets of the film 'Kalki 2898 A.D.' as what he enjoyed the most.

He said, "It's not about the number of cameras or the number of crew. It's the silence of the set that I enjoyed the most. Because most sets lack that. Noise should be within the person and in the theatre, but not on the set."

His comment not only highlighted the unique feature of the set but also showed how working in an atmosphere of peace and discipline has a positive impact on the performance of the actors.

Kamal credited the film's director Nag Ashwin for the silence on the set. Nag Ashwin, who is known for his calm and balanced approach, created an atmosphere on the set where everyone worked with discipline.

Kamal Haasan said, "Everyone is talking in discipline. I found that Mr Nagi can speak in his own voice and still be heard. Nagi mumbles, but still his voice can be heard on the set because the set is so quiet."

This trait of peace and discipline created an atmosphere on the set that was extremely satisfying for Kamal Haasan. Usually, science-fiction films are known for their huge sets and heavy technical requirements, but 'Kalki 2898 A.D.' proved that even if the subject of the film is complex and grand, it is possible to maintain peace and restraint on the set.

Kamal Haasan took this experience as a new energy, which helped him understand and play his character even more deeply. This peace gave him an opportunity to expand his inner thoughts and creativity, which reflected in his performance.

This experience of Kamal Haasan not only became a special chapter in his career but also presents an inspiring approach to the process of filmmaking. This blend of peace and discipline not only improves the performance of the actors but can also take the overall quality of the entire film to new heights.
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