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Polimera 3: Official announcement of the much-awaited thriller

Polimera 3
The thriller franchise 'Maa Oori Polimera' that has taken Tollywood by storm is now returning with its third installment, 'Polimera 3'. Director Anil Vishwanath has announced the much-awaited threequel, along with sharing a teaser glimpse. The first two parts received a great response from the audience, and now the expectations are sky-high for the third installment as well.

'Polimera 3' will see lead actor Satyam Rajesh reprise his role. He will also be seen in pivotal roles with Baladitya, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, Prithviraj and Rakendu Mouli. Apart from this, several new actors have also joined the new installment. The script has been completed and pre-production work is currently in full swing.

The film is produced by Vamsi Nandipati, who delivered the second installment, while the producer of the first installment Bhogendra Gupta is attached as a co-producer this time. The music composed by Gyani will make this thriller even more exciting.

The official announcement of Polimera 3 has created a wave of excitement among the audience, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the next chapter of this thrilling story. 

Stay tuned for more updates!
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