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Bhola Shankar Movierulz - Megastar Chiranjeevi's latest movie is Bhola Shankar. The film was released under the direction of Meher Ramesh. Let's see how this movie is.

Bhola Shankar Movierulz - Story: Shankar comes to Kolkata with his younger sister Maha when girls are missing in the state. While his life is going smoothly, Shankar becomes a witness in a kidnapping case.

But there is a big reason behind Bhola Shankar's coming to Kolkata. What is the reason for Shankar? How did his younger sister get involved in this matter? What Bhola Shankar did, in the end, is the story of this film.

Actors: Megastar Chiranjeevi has once again found a role that can cultivate all emotions. It can be said that he carried the entire film on his shoulders. In comedy scenes, Chiranjeevi can't help but be sensitive to timing. There is something new to say about Chiru's performance in emotional scenes. He was upset. All in all, Chiranjeevi in Bhola Shankar is seen in a way that the audience will love.

Next in terms of performance is the role of Keerthy Suresh. She has once again proved how good an actress she is through this film. She gave a performance that brought tears to everyone's eyes with an emotional performance. Tamannaah didn't get a significant role, but she did well. Sushant is also a minor character. The rest of the supporting cast is okay.

Technicians: Director Mehar Ramesh has projected the positive aspects of the Tamil movie Vedalam well. But beyond that, he showed Chiranjeevi as the best. Mega fans are sure to be stunned by the little swag. He also managed to show the emotional bonding between Keerthy and Chirula. Although the first half seems a bit laggy, the story picks up in the second half. Chiranjeevi imitating Pawan Kalyan and Khushi recreating an iconic scene was also a good workout.

The background score by Mahati Swara Sagar is good. So is the cinematography. The production values are amazing. Editing is fine.

Analysis: Overall Bhola Shankar has some flaws, but the way Chiranjeevi is presented gets pass marks. There are many moments in this film especially for the fans.

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