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Akshay Kumar Reaction About His Voting Video Viral: see Video

Kesari: These are the 4 things shown in Akshay's movie!

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 18: 'Robot 2.0' is seen across the country to generate crores of rupees

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 10: Rajinikanth's 'Robot 2.0' is the country's second largest movie

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 9: Rajinikanth's 'Robot 2.0' across Rs 500 crore

Is Akshay Kumar's character in 2.0, inspired by this celebrity?

Review 2.0 is technically quite strong. But the weak link of the film is its screenplay

Akshay's allegation against Guru Granth Sahib's ruthlessness

2.0 will be Akshay-Rajinikanth in addition to Aishwarya, will make this scene!

2.0 Teaser in Tamil

2.0 Teaser in Hindi

2.0 Telugu Teaser And Trailer

Gold Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar reached Rs 100 crore

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